Supporting Crossover Youth Involved with Child Welfare and Juvenile Court Systems

Research on the experiences of youth involved in the child welfare system and juvenile court systems has had significant variation in statistical findings and defining of who dual system, or crossover youth, are. The limited number of large-scale studies to assess and understand crossover youth has hindered the opportunity for impactful policy change and improvement. Past studies have found that youth involved in both systems experience higher rates of homelessness, incarceration as adults, and unemployment compared to their peers who are involved in one system only. This year’s conference will focus on recent science, policy, and ground level experiences. Presentations will stretch across national, state, and local county level perspectives to address the gaps and challenges for crossover youth.  

The Supporting Crossover Youth Involved with Child Welfare and Juvenile Court Systems conference, will be held Thursday, October 5 at the Hintz Alumni Family Center on Penn State's University Park campus (with a virtual option also available).  The one-day conference will include presentations from leading researchers who share the latest science and policy that is addressing the gaps to improve the outcomes of those affected by child maltreatment. 

Nationally renowned speakers will present research, policy, and program efforts implemented across the state and country to address the challenges faced by crossover youth.  Presentations will be geared toward a diverse audience, including researchers, practitioners, and caseworkers, to facilitate the fastest uptake of novel methods for child maltreatment.

Continuing Education (CE):  Penn State is an approved provider as defined by Pa. Code Sections 47.36(a)(3), 48.36(a)(3), and 49.36(a)(3).  Social workers, marriage and family therapists, and professional counselors licensed by the state of Pennsylvania can earn 6 clock hours of continuing education for completing this conference.


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