Information regarding liability insurance:

Some sites might require you to have Professional Liability insurance, though it is not a Penn State requirement and they do not offer it.  Alternatively, some sites may not require the coverage, however you may still choose to purchase the coverage.  Below is some information to help you make that decision.

Why should a student consider Professional Liability insurance: Even as a student, you can be sued for malpractice while performing duties in field placement as part of your school curriculum. Whether the charges are justified or not, you will have to defend yourself.

Professional liability insurance will protect both you and your facility against a potential lawsuit. The minimum limits typically available for this coverage is a 1M/3M coverage plan. This covers you up to 1 million dollars against a single claim or lawsuit, but up to a 3 million aggregate for other claims within the same coverage term. If you are a student from a more affluent background in terms of financial status, it is suggested to procure a 2M/4M or higher coverage plan for more protection.

Penn State University does not offer Professional Liability coverage. The two most common sites to obtain Professional Liability insurance are and Note: these are independent providers, not affiliated with the university. You may wish to compare these two companies to determine which best suits your particular needs.

The quickest way to obtain the Professional Liability insurance certificate is to go to the company’s website, create an account, complete the insurance application, submit credit card information, and go return to your account later (e.g., it may take an hour or more to process) to retrieve your certificate of coverage .

Both websites require that you make payment via a credit card. The average cost of professional liability insurance, via the above mentioned sites, is around $45. This covers you for one calendar year from the date in which you purchased the professional liability insurance. If you have questions regarding either company their phone numbers are 800-982-9491 HPSO, and 800-375-2764 Proliability

If you find yourself in need of insurance and are having financial difficulty in obtaining it, the Solutions Network will reimburse you for this expense.  You will need to pay for the insurance upfront and then e-mail Diana:  1) your name, 2) student ID, 3) a copy of the receipt, 4) where you are doing CMAS 493, and 5) the semester you are completing CMAS 493.  Once she is given this information the funds will be reimbursed via your PSU account.

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