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faculty CMT32 Primary Mentor

Professor of Psychology

Associate Director: Child Maltreatment Solutions Network

Yo Jackson is a Professor in the Clinical Child Psychology Program in the Psychology department at Penn State University and the Associate Director of the Child Maltreatment Solutions Network. Her research focuses on the mechanisms of resilience for youthexposed to trauma and developing models of the process from exposure to outcome for youth and families. She also studies intergenerational transmission of trauma and methods and measurement in child maltreatment research. She is a reviewer for numerous journals and serves as an Associate Editor for Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.
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Ph.D., Clinical Child Psychology, University of Alabama


trauma assessment, nature and mechanisms of trauma impact on youth development, child maltreatment, foster care systems and foster care youth, evidence-based interventions, influence of cultural on mental health, program evaluation, competency development in clinical child psychology

Research Interests

mechanisms of resilience for youth exposed to trauma, intergenerational transmission of trauma, foster care youth and families, assessment of trauma and child maltreatment


Yo Jackson, Ph.D., ABPP
Studying Pathways to Adjustment and Resilience in Kids (SPARK)

The SPARK project is a longitudinal study of the mechanisms of resilience for youth in foster care and the nature of child maltreatment and trauma exposure on healthy development. Data was collected on over 400 youth over four years on the individual and social potential protective factors and modeled to determine the nature and pattern of adjustment over time.

Yo Jackson, Ph.D., ABPP
Preschoolers’ Adjustment and Intergenerational Risk (PAIR)

The PAIR project is a longitudinal study of the impact of trauma on the emotional and cognitive functioning of preschool-age youth and their families. The prospective design of the project includes ongoing assessment of trauma exposure in both youth and the parents as well as assessment of developmental health over time.

Selected Publications

  • Gusler, S., & Jackson, Y. (2017). The role of poly-victimization in predicting differences in foster youths’ appraisals. Child Abuse & Neglect, 69, 223-231. 

  • Jackson, Y., Huffhines, L., Stone, K. J., Fleming, K., & Gabrielli, J. (2017). Coping styles in youth exposed to maltreatment: Longitudinal patterns reported by youth in foster care. Child Abuse & Neglect, 70, 65-74.

  • Jackson, Y., & Huffhines, L. (2018). Physical health and foster youth. In E. Trejos & N. Trevino (Eds.), Handbook of Foster Youth (pp. 117-132). New York: Taylor & Francis

  • Jackson, Y., Gabrielli, J., Fleming, K., Tunno, A., & Makanui, P. K. (2014). Untangling the relative contribution of maltreatment severity and frequency to type of behavioral outcome in foster youth. Child Abuse and Neglect, 38(7), 1147-1159.

  • Jackson, Y., Cushing, C. C., Gabrielli, J., Fleming, K., O'Connor, B. M., & Huffhines, L. (2016). Child maltreatment, trauma, and physical health outcomes: The role of abuse type and placement moves on health conditions and service use for youth in foster care. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 41(1), 28-36