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Stacey Shipe received her Ph.D. in Social Work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, her MSc in Evidence Based Social Work from University of Oxford, and her MSW in Social Work from New York University. 

Stacey's interests are twofold – her first area focuses on the functioning of child welfare organizations. Her second area is related but broader in that she focuses on specific users of child serving systems. The first area centers specifically on organizational functioning (i.e., culture and climate) with an eye on caseworker decision making and how this affects family outcomes. Her second area targets single (custodial) fathers and their lived experiences managing child serving systems (i.e., child welfare, welfare, healthcare, education, and juvenile justice). 

Stacey's primary mentor is Dr. Connell and Dr. Crowley is her secondary mentor. Both researchers have solid footing in the child welfare sector – Dr. Connell with a long history of work within child serving organizations as well as a focus on the policy-practice continuum and Dr. Crowley with policy and benefit-cost analyses. An additional secondary mentor is Dr. Noll. Her extensive background and knowledge in child sexual abuse, specifically with interventions to help understand and mitigate this hidden problem falls in line with my experiences in child welfare agencies and also a desire to equip families and communities to discuss this difficult subject matter. 

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