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postdoctoral fellow

Jane Lee received her M.Sc and Ph.D. in Child Development and Education from the University of Oxford. Jane’s research interests are focused on investigating typical and atypical processes of development, and identifying risk and protective mechanisms that attenuate or exacerbate children’s risk for mental health problems and associated difficulties.

Jane will mainly be working together with Dr. Yo Jackson in the Prevention and Treatment track to understand the mechanisms that may underlie protective processes among children who have experienced early adversity and prioritize different factors for specific subgroups of children. She will also be working with Dr. Erika Lunkenheimer in the Developmental Processes track to examine children’s self-regulatory processes within their network of evolving and interacting factors that affect a child’s outcome cumulatively. With Dr. Christian Connell, Jane will receive training on the use of administrative datasets to assess the effects of services or treatments on system-involved children and their outcomes, and also understand how children in the welfare system may be fairing at the population level.

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