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postdoctoral fellow

Claire Selin received her Ph.D. in Child Language from the University of Kansas and her M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from Rush University. Her primary research focuses on the causal pathways and developmental trajectories linking child maltreatment to increased risk for language disorders.

Claire works primarily with Yo Jackson in the Developmental Processes Track where she investigates the longitudinal stability of language acquisition within an intergenerational context when children are exposed to maltreatment and trauma. Specifically, Claire examines how maltreatment exposure associates with 1) child and caregiver performance on a nonword repetition task--a classic indicator and clinical marker of language disorders, and 2) child-caregiver communicative interactions using observational methods.

Claire also works with Jennie Noll in the Biology & Health Track to explore how biological embedding of child maltreatment may disrupt developmental timing mechanisms underlying cognitive and linguistic trajectories. Working with Eric Claus, Claire is also training in neuroimaging methods to study how child maltreatment affects neural structure, function, and development as related to language acquisition.

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