2018 CAPTA Congressional Briefing Summary

CAPTA Congressional Briefing 2018

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) is up for reauthorization and legislators across the aisle seek to amend and strengthen the law in this process. The Child Maltreatment Solutions Network responded to Congress' needs for scientific information about strategies to prevent maltreatment before it occurs by co-organizing a congressional briefing event and creating a written brief. This brief describes the current research pertaining to the cost of maltreatment, a framework for prevention strategies, and the need for further evaluation of prevention services.

Brief Highlights

  • Child maltreatment is both highly prevalent and costly.
  • Prevention will result in significant cost-savings by both stopping maltreatment before it happens AND providing targeted services once children are referred to CPS
  • Prevention efforts work best when there is a coordinated, community-level response to identify and deliver preventive services.
  • Current efforts have demonstrated limited impact and are not widely disseminated.
  • CAPTA has the potential to improve prevention efforts by increasing community capacity for coordinating services and systems, investing in rigorously evaluated demonstration projects, and fostering innovation.

Written Brief

Preventing Child Maltreatment through Coordinated, Community-based Strategies: The Child Abuse and Prevention Treatment Act

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