iLookOut for Child Abuse: A Public Reception

iLookOut for Child Abuse: A Public Reception

Come learn about iLookOut for Child Abuse, and how a clinic visit with a six-year-old girl grew into a National Institutes of Health-sponsored, five-year randomized controlled trial. Hear how faculty from Humanities, Pediatrics, Theatre, Educational Psychology, Extension Education, Behavioral Sciences, and Instructional Technology collaborated to create an online program that uses stories and interactive learning modules to help child care providers better identify and report children who have been abused.The iLookOut team includes Benjamin Levi, MD PhD, Director of iLookOut project; Andrew Belser, PhD, Director, Arts & Design Research Incubator; Claudia Mincemoyer, PhD, Director, Better Kid Care; Karl Kapp, PhD, Gamification Expert; Richard Fiene, PhD, Early Care and Education Expert; and Project Management Staff.Sponsored by Penn State’s Department of Humanities, College of Medicine; Center for the Protection of Children; College of Arts and Architecture; Child Maltreatment Solutions Network; and the Social Science Research Institute.

Jan 22, 2018
7:00 PM
Jan 22, 2018
8:15 PM
16 Borland Building (ADRI)
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