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Measuring and Treating Problematic Sexual Behavior of Children

Measuring and Treating Problematic Sexual Behavior of Children

This is a multi-faceted line of research that includes a number of distinct, albeit related, projects. The first is a multi-institutional collaboration to develop and psychometrically test a new measure of sexual behavior among children, including problematic sexual behavior (PSB). Second, data analysis is progressing on a number of data sets to examine etiological factors related to the development of PSB among children. Third, we have developed and pilot tested an intervention for children displaying PSB and grant-funding to conduct a randomized controlled trial of the intervention is currently under review. To date, these projects have been funded by the Children's Miracle Network and the Penn State Social Science Research Institute.

Research Team

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Brian Allen, Psy.D.

Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry

Director of Mental Health Services, Center for the Protection of Children