Child Maltreatment Solutions Network at Penn State



TechnoTeens is a NICHD R01-funded study where we are objectively tracking the internet and social media behaviors of 460 sexually abused and comparison teens longitudinally from age 12 to 15. This study aims to articulate the role of internet pornography and high-risk social media behaviors on sexual development and on internet-initiated victimization (including sexual exploitation, cyber bullying, “slut-shaming”, and sex-trafficking). This is the first study to objectively monitor internet activity and social media behaviors and to record and quantify adolescents’ “internet and social media footprints” in real-time. Results will inform internet safety campaigns for normative and at-risk teens.

Research Team

Profile photo for Jennie G. Noll, Ph.D.
Jennie G. Noll, Ph.D.

Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

Director: Child Maltreatment Solutions Network 

Principal Investigator: NICHD P50 Capstone Center for Healthy Children