Two CMAS pre-docs have papers that will be published soon

Child Maltreatment Solutions Network at Penn State

Congratulations to Casey Mullins on her paper, Exploring the Mediation Effect of Academic Engagement on Math and Reading Achievement for Students who have Experienced Maltreatment that will be published in "Child Abuse & Neglect.

Casey found that engagement did not mediate the relationship between maltreatment and academic outcomes, but did mediate the relationship between experiencing trauma symptoms and academic outcomes. These results suggest that the physical and psychological symptoms that children experience after a maltreatment experience have a stronger effect on their academic outcomes than the experience alone.

Also, engagement explains the effect of trauma symptoms and so engagement could be a source of intervention to mitigate the negative effect of trauma symptoms on academic outcomes.


Congrats to Anneke Olson on her paper entitled Child Maltreatment and Substance Use in Emerging Adulthood: Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors at the Transition to Adolescence as Indirect Pathways that will be published in the journal "Child Maltreatment"

Using LONGSCAN, they found that externalizing behaviors at age twelve mediated the association between confirmed child maltreatment experienced between birth and age four and substance use at age eighteen

The results suggest that externalizing behaviors at the transition to adolescence are important intervention targets for reducing the risk for substance use for those who have experienced child maltreatment.

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